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Creating a Listing- Some Guidance

| Used Modular News | August 30, 2014

Some suggestions when creating your listing…

When you create a listing, it’s in your best interest to provide as much detail about the modular unit(s) as possible. The more information you provide the better chance you have it will sell. Here are some things you will want to keep in mind when creating an new ad on www.usedmodulars.net  :

1. Title– Make sure the title/headline is clear and informative. We suggest you include the year or age of the unit, Manufacturer and condition. For example…”2007 Atco Office Trailer in great condition”. Potential buyers will know the unit is used so no need to put ‘used’ in the title. Supplied categories on the site, will assist you in making sure your ad is in the right section when potential buyers start a search.

2. Pricing– be sure you ask a fair price for your unit(s). Do your homework to determine what a current market price would be before posting. Placing too high of a bid price may effect views of your ad and a potential sale. If you are negotiable on your price, make sure you put OBO ( or best offer) when posting your price. Firm price ad’s should clearly state that in the ad. If you require any guidance in setting a price, feel free fill out the Contact Form and we would be pleased to assist you.

3. Unit Description– clearly describe the Modular Unit you are selling. Provide as much detail about unit as you possibly can. Be honest about the condition the modular is in and it’s entire history (if possible). Letting potential buyers know it may need some updating or that it is in usable condition and ready to go, will go a long way in you getting people to take quick action in purchasing from you. The longer and more detailed your description is, will increase your chance of a successful sale for your asking price. Keep in mind that the site has a sophisticated search engine, so using bulleted points in the description describing features of the unit(s) will help potential buyers focus on your ad.

4. Payment Options- what is your preferred/acceptable payment method? PayPal and escrow are two of the most popular payment methods used on classified sites. However, it is completely up to you as to how you want to accept payment. Make sure you clearly state the terms of payment in your ad. We do not recommend personal checks or money orders.

5. Shipping- who will be responsible for shipping or will it be a local pickup only? Your potential client may want you to arrange to have the modular shipped, so make sure you let buyers know whether you can assist them with this. Have a list of local shipping Companies contact information available, as this may help you close the sale. The more you can help a buyer make a decision to buy your modular, the more successful you will be.

Some final comments…experience shows that the first reasonable offer your receive is usually the best you will get. Be prepared to close the sale versus hanging on waiting for other offers to come in. If you have priced your used modular unit fairly, you have an excellent chance it will sell quickly.
Remember that the more information you provide in your ad, the better chance you will get allot of views from buyers.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Used Modulars USA and we hope you take advantage of our ad services and join the Used Modular Community!

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